Honeywood Limited’s ethical trading policy is to provide and maintain the highest standards of respect and protection for our worker’s human rights. The Honeywood Limited Management Team, directed by the Managing Director has overall responsibility for effective implementation of the policy which includes:

  • Ensuring the Ethical Trading Initiative base code is implemented in all respects.
  • Suppliers shall be required to adopt the Ethical Trading base code.
  • The Ethical Trading Principles of Implementation shall be applied in implementing the Ethical Trading Initiative.
  • The Ethical Trading Initiative base code and Principles of Implication shall be accessible to the work force for viewing at all times.
  • The management team shall act transparently and fairly.
  • Special attention shall be given to the rights of workers most vulnerable to abusive labour practices.
  • Sufficient resources shall be made available to ensure that these commitments are fulfilled and there is continuous improvement in the application of this policy.