Honeywood Limited is one of the fastest growing contract manufacture and assembly companies to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and retail sectors. We are a customer service orientated company with an emphasis on quality and competitive pricing.

Liquid Manufacture and filling

From basic blending and filling to aseptic manufacture and filling of medical devices.

Tub and Pot Filling

Filling of tablets, capsules, powders and gels into all container types. Extensive production capacity for all primary packing combination formats.

Blister Packing

We offer thermo form blisters typically PVC/PVDC with hardened aluminium repeat pattern or print registration.

Sachet Filling and Auto Bagging

Sachets are manufactured for a variety of products and volumes from specialised micro fill irradiated powders to larger pack consumer products.

Hand Assembly

We excel in offering solutions for complex processes which require extensive hand assembly.

Specialised Manufacture Projects

Our extensive engineering and project management skills enable us to commit to specialised projects in partnership with our customers.

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